Most of AADP’s drives come from referrals from our friends. If you have an idea of where to have a marrow registration drive, please let us know and we can follow up. If you don’t have the ability to actually Host the drive, we can follow through for you.

…but if you’d like to help host a drive, here are the steps to consider when having a drive:

How to begin planning for a Donor Drive:

1.) Select a location for your drive

*AADP can conduct drives in several types of locations:

-Churches/Places of Worship
-Festivals/Community Events
-Any large gathering of people
-Community Centers
-Anywhere that you feel would be a good central location.

2.)  Contact AADP -

Give us a call or email AADP and we will get a staff member to help you plan your drive, print out flyers and posters, and conduct the drive on the day itself.

3.)  Set a date for the drive-

AADP can get a drive together in as little as two days, however we do ask for at least 2-3 weeks lead time for planning if a date has not already been set.

4.)  Publicity -

Drives are often successful because potential donors are aware and pre-educated about registering to be a donor.

5.)  Volunteers -

Volunteers aren’t necessary but often help make a drive successful! At almost every drive we have registered over 100 donors, it was through the help of volunteers.


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