Dr. Rani

Dr. Rani spent many years caring for her patients as an internist and gastroenterologist. She is a founding member of the India Literacy Project and volunteers with Hand In Hand USA. After all these years of compassionate service, Dr. Rani now needs your help.
Dr. Rani has been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, MDS which is a blood disorder. She needs a marrow/stem cell transplant from another person, but unfortunately she has yet to find a match. Her best chance of finding a match is within her own race, South Asian.
Please register so that she can continue to care for her patients!


Erick has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). About 2 years ago he underwent an umbilical cord blood transplant. Erick went in for a routine checkup and received disheartening news that his leukemia is back. His doctors say the best chance he has for survival is with a bone marrow transplant. Erick has 3 beautiful young children and a loving wife. Unfortunately, because Erick is Hispanic his potential donor matches are VERY limited within the national registry. The need for Hispanic and Latino donors is urgent! Please consider registering as a donor today!


Martina (34) is a very outgoing and people person, she brings smiles to everyone she meets. Life was just starting to fall back into place after the passing of her brother until early this year when she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). After two chemotherapy treatments, her condition has not improved. Now she is in need of your help, Martina needs to search and find her life saving bone marrow match for a chance to live a healthy life. Martina and her family are of Chinese ancestry and her best chance of finding a perfect match is from an individual who is also Chinese or Asian descent. Please help Martina or 10,000 other searching patients by registering to be a donor today!


Liz (53) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in September 2012 and is currently searching for her life-saving bone marrow/stem cell donor. Liz enjoys an active life style; an avid tennis player and member of the tennis association in Roseville, CA. She also volunteers for her son’s high school basketball program. Liz’s best chance of finding an unrelated matching donor would be from an individual who is Filipino or Asian descent. Let’s help Liz continue her active life style with her children and grandchildren! Please consider registering to become a potential bone marrow/stem cell donor today!


Paulina (43) was a long time Bay Area resident. Shortly after she was diagnosed with leukemia, she relocated to Taiwan. Doctors have advised that she will need a stem cell or marrow transplant to survive. There are no matches within her immediate family, and now Paulina is depending on the marrow registries all over the world to find her life saving donor. Paulina is passionate about life, and enjoys spending her time with family and friends. Paulina still has not found a match and her best chance of finding a donor is someone who is also Chinese or Asian descent. Please consider joining the registry and you may be her only hope and only chance of survival!


Karthik (35) has been battling with leukemia since 2011. He will need a stem cell transplant within the next 2 months for chance at a full recovery. Karthik needs your help finding his matching donor who will help save his life! Since Karthik is South Asian his best chance of finding a match will be from an individual who is also South Asian or Asian descent. To find out more about Karthik and how you can help visit: Swab 4 Karthik
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