cao Pham

Cao signed up through his fraternity’s (Lambda Phi Epsilon) campus bone marrow drive at UC Davis. He received news the following summer that he was a match. “I agreed to everything on the spot and didn’t hesitate to donate. Just imagine if you had a loved one that was in need of a transplant..”(Read more)

Belle Santos

In 1993, I decided to attend the Nihonmachi Street Fair in San Francisco. I came across the AADP information table and the staff made a compelling case- that the most matches are made from donors within the same race. The statistic AADP reported to me about the critical demand for minority donors was unfortunate and seemed improbable that I would ever be a match, but I thought to myself, “Sure, why not?” A year later, I was contacted and informed that I was a suitable match to someone in need of a bone marrow transplant. I was in shock! But I completely understood that it was going to be a once in a life time opportunity, to give the gift of life to someone in need. I was honored and bless and I knew I was doing the right thing.The donation process is an unforgettable experience. It was the first time I had gone under any kind of full general anesthesia or any kind of extended stay in a hospital. To calm my nerves,(Continue here)

Vivek Kumar

In January 2008, Kumar initially donated his stem cells. The patient was in remission, but with the patient’s cancer cells coming back, doctors were hopeful that another stem cell transplant would help save her life.Kumar spoke to India Post from the hospital minutes before he went in for the procedure and minutes after the procedure as he drove back home.In a concerted bid to create awareness among the South Asian community Kumar talked about the many myths surrounding marrow/stem cell donation.(Read more)

Alan and Joy

I was pretty excited when I got picked. I felt like I was lucky in a way. The donor program gave me an update on his health, and said that he had left the hospital and that he was doing well (See a video)

Flower Bulaklak Miller

Friends ask if I’d be willing to donate again if I was a match, of course I would… wouldn’t you? What if someone in your family needs a donor? Until there’s a cure for these diseases, we will always continue to need people to get registered, you may help save someone’s life. (Continue reading)

Jona and Judy

Jona Garland lived like any normal kid through-out her teenage years. Then, unexpectedly in 2005, her family was told her cancer had relapsed and that this time, chemotherapy wasn’t going to work. Jona was going to need a marrow transplant to survive. (Continue reading)

Kirin Tuei

I received another call for potential match in 1998, and when through testing, and found I was a perfect match. At the time, I wasn’t thinking too much of it, I thought since I signed up, I had a chance to save a life, why not go for it? (Continue reading)


This experience has made me look at life differently. I was asked by numerous people if my recipient or another patient needed stem cells or bone marrow, would I do it again. My response was and is, of course! (continue reading)

Poonam Desai

She juggled work and wedding activities, but realized the importance of LIFE and in her words, ” The thought of backing-out NEVER crossed my mind” (Continue reading)

Rick and Jimmy

I really want to say thanks for giving me a second chance.. I am very grateful and thankful for what he did for me. ( See a video)
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